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Upa-lala eco-bags are appealing to everyone, including the environmentally conscious. Your eco-bag can replace the use of plastic bags as they are reusable and can be machine washed and dried. They are handmade from high-quality designer fabrics with a separate layer of water-resistant material on the inside.

Upa-lala eco-bags come in three styles; zipper closure, drawstring and backpack. They work extremely well for containing wet or dirty items, such as damp cloth diapers, swimsuits, worn gym clothes, beach towels, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.

Take your upa-lala eco-bag to the beach, carry it to the gym, put it in your diaper bag, or, use it for an everyday accessory. You will feel wonderful knowing that you are using an eco-friendly product and own something that is handmade, unique, functional and beautiful.

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